Friday, 5 February 2010

Clients from hell or what are the client’s responsibilities?

Despite clients learning a lot in the last few years about digital projects, many of the same gripes crop up from developers. Projects are a partnership. They cannot be successful without both sides pulling their weight. This means responsibilities on both sides throughout the project. Now if you work with a Prince2 Project Manager and your client also has one, then they will work to a framework that both understand. Without this mutual understanding, you have to create one prior to starting the project.

We groan at the quotes on Clients from Hell but we all recognise them! Perhaps we can use them in a positive to help us educate clients. Show your new clients some of the top gripes as quotes and explain why the attitudes are counter-productive in digital design. Agree that they will not make you groan in the same way by working together to produce the project.

Take a look at the gripes in the links below and smile, but make them work for you. The companies that work successfully with their clients get repeat business and respect. How do you avoid having similar gripes?


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