Sunday, 14 March 2010

Collaboration – the mantra for successful teams and leadership for the future

It was refreshing to find recent confirmation of what we’ve been expounding for years for iMedia teams in our training courses and books. The confirmation comes from the strategic analysis on the future of work by such people as Lynda Gratton, Prof from The London Business School, and, Tammy Erikson, Thought Leader of nGenera, a strategic consultancy company.

So, what are they on about? It’s this idea of collaboration between diverse team members who may or may not be co-located (virtual teams). It won’t surprise anyone that collaboration comes down to trust. Therefore, how should a team leader build trust among diverse talents across cultures? This is the sort of dilemma you’ll have been facing in coordinating people within your teams or even in specifying as a trait you want in recruitment. Increasingly, people will need a balance between people-management skills and task performance skills to survive.

Collaboration “...can be catalyzed, but it can’t be mandated – and to that extent, it requires a shift in management mindset.” Tammy Erikson

One of the keys seems to lie in the ability of management to engender a culture of collaboration – how’s your company shaping up?

See the inserts from Lynda and Tammy on Pages 13 and 15 and read pages 13, 14, 15 for quick insights from the report Building the collaborative enterprise. Ten questions to ask about business opportunities through collaboration. nGenera Corporation 2009


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