Saturday, 11 February 2012

Interactive sites and marketing – time for a review?

So your older clients are satisfied with their interactive sites whether internet, social media, or mobile. Perhaps you can suggest that in the present difficult market they might like a review of the efficiency of their interactive marketing. Does the site feature as high in the rankings for their type of product and service as it did at the beginning? Many things can change that can affect this: more competitors in their market can drive the ranking down, more companies might be paying to get higher in the rankings because the leads become more crucial in the erratic market, customer needs have shifted in response to the economic situation so they may be going elsewhere, the client's brand image might have changed in the marketplace, return business may have weakened, fewer leads might be generated as the market shifts and so on.

Even though companies get interactive service analytics often and respond to the feedback regularly, they may not fully appreciate how many aspects have changed over time. That's the value of a true review so that you can say, 'This is where you were and this is where you are now. Where do you want to be?' This type of review focuses the mind so that you get good data to help you tweak the site to operate better for your client. This should lead to more business for you, and better performance for them. Of course, with the spend on online marketing now outweighing non-interactive, specialist companies for online marketing exist. Are you using them? Shouldn’t you be? Do you have an alliance with any? Maybe it's time for you to recognise that expertise.

On a different tack, do any of your clients use Google Analytics? Are they using them optimally? Offer a review because people get locked in to a set way of analysing so when a system is updated, they do not take advantage of the new features. Are you using them for your own site? Are you using them optimally? Take a look at a hint and tip from on February 4th 2012 , Are you using visitor flow?,

Then there’s the bounce rate to consider too at The Read Aloud Creative site, in their piece called, What exactly is a Bounce rate, and what can I take from it? by Richard Golding on January 26th 2012.

How are your Google Goals and Funnels then? PS Website Design discusses these posted on 30th January 2012 at

More than enough to get you thinking and possibly doing! Any tips appreciated. Way to go!


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