Friday, 14 June 2013

A question of balance: perspectives

The most powerful way to plan a project involves use of three equal perspectives: business, technology and customer. The customer perspective is often the most misunderstood and misused.
Scott Berkum, 'The Art of Project Management', O’Reilly, May 2005 (updated 2008)
The good news is that we are getting better at understanding the customer perspective and we can continue to learn from others on how to tap into the customer’s reaction. Sheetai Kumari gives us great advice in How to Develop Powerful Psychologically Optimised Websites, May 2013

Her tips include:
  • Identify Persuasion Triggers
  • Place Visual Anchors
  • Address Colour Psychology
  • Devise the Information Flow
  • Implement User-friendly Features
  • Use White Space
Sheeta wants websites to relate directly to cognition through cultural triggers. These, she says, need to be assessed as part of a communication strategy for website design. This is true for other forms of technology platforms too.

User Testing design ideas can resolve conflict in the extended development team and is recommended by Rick Whittington in his blog, How Usability Testing Can Resolve Internal Conflict, May 2013. We've all been there when the cross-functional team pulls in different directions with the technology limitations versus the design ideas, adding in the client trying to influence with their own perspective – a classic project management dilemma.

There can be some confusion for developers in exactly who the customer is for the project. Some label the client as the customer while others feel it is the end user. Where do you stand on this? We lean on the end user perspective.

Yet another take on lining up with the user is explained in Pixel Media’s approach where they state that Alligning content and Analytics to customer intent is key for them as a business.

Finally, just for some light relief, Wabbaly offers some very visual ‘tasters’ for what can be designed with the users’ life-style in mind. Enjoy.

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